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There may be a great picture of your boat here already!

Its easy to take pictures of other people's boats sailing. But what you want is pictures of your boat sailing.

Search for your boat on the search page.

Upload pictures you have taken out on the water on the upload page, so that others can search to see if it was a picture of them.

Shout "I'll put it on yourboatpix!"

Picture this: two boats sailing towards one another. It's going to be a close pass. Someone goes below for a camera. It's a great shot but by now the boats are passing and soon will be opening the gap at 12kts. What do you do?

Shout "I'll put it on yourboatpix!"

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Because yourboatpix does not collect personal details about identifiable individuals it does not fall under the UK Data Protection Act. This situation has been confirmed in conversations and correspondence with the Office of the Information Commissioner.

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How does it work?

It's free and you don't have to register

Anyone can upload pictures, search for pictures and download them. Its free and you don't have to register.

When you upload a picture you get to enter an "Editing PIN", which you should keep in case you need to unlock the details of the picture later to edit or delete it if you choose.

Over four and a half thousand action pictures of boats sailing!

Yourboatpix now hosts over 4500 pictures of hundreds of different boats. Most of the pictures are action shots of sailing boats actaully sailing

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