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Boat Location Comments Date Picture Uploader Views Event Size
Hunter LibertyThe Pyefleet 2019-09-2093664812Jol;ie Brise26 1.64M
Hunter LibertyThe Pyefleet 2019-09-208552026Jol;ie Brise28 1.79M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0822066893Jolie Brise28 3.83M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-088046989Jolie Brise82 2.64M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0838256427Jolie Brise18 2.62M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0885857352Jolie Brise18 1.67M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-085893630Jolie Brise20 1.73M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0895743182Jolie Brise17 2.55M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0846141581Jolie Brise17 2.94M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0892926114Jolie Brise18 3.07M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0817402791Jolie Brise35 2.22M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0840357366Jolie Brise16 2.21M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-086635462Jolie Brise19 1.44M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0860953692Jolie Brise18 1.44M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0892468951Jolie Brise16 2.44M
Gbr 5500Spitsands 2019-03-2338686040 31 2.45M
Beneteau First 210Off Lepe, Solent. 2.73M
Beneteau First 210Off Lepe, Solent. 2.46M
Beneteau First 210Off Lepe, Solent. 2.73M
SecurusPortsmoith Harbour  2019-01-2742103511 49 1.43M
GBR8001T Jade Bav 32East Solent 2018-10-102321525MarkT72 1.46M
Cornish Shrimper 21 No17Beaulieuriverentrance 3.4M
Mano Amica Superseal 26 GBR6135YBeaulieuriverentrance 3.25M
Mano Amica Superseal 26 GBR6135YBeaulieuriverentrance 2.58M
Mano Amica Superseal 26 GBR6135YBeaulieuriverentrance 3.65M
De Witte BeverChichester Marina 2.79M
Boing_Spring25_T200 3.2M
TekoEastern Solent  2018-06-1526552893 49 217k
TekoGosport 2018-06-1447085934 33 734k
BeulahEast Solent  2018-06-0357038726 59 156k
Marie BlairSt Pierre Pill Chepstow 2018-06-1126450849quimby41 1.1M
TARKARiver Orwell 2018-06-1147655861Jolie Brise41First trip after restoration2.01M
TARKARiver Orwell 2018-06-1117539186Jolie Brise62First trip after restoration2.3M
TARKARiver Orwell 2018-06-1027641797Jolie Brise43First trip after restoration1.11M
TARKARiver Orwell 2018-06-0955417112Jolie Brise41First trip after restoration1.11M
 Bigbury Bay, Devon 2018-05-2331297239JohnO42L926k
 Bigbury Bay, Devon 2018-05-2360513167JohnO42L1.44M
Pearl SoutherlyChichester Channel 3.8M
Pearl SoutherlyChichester Channel 3.23M
Blaze Away Contessa32 743Chichester Harbour 3.3M
Blaze Away Contessa32 743Chichester Harbour 3.35M
1266COff Ardrishaig, Loch Fyne 2017-09-0949860018Arran58 4.99M
Abracadabra (GBR2170L)Noord Hinder Anchorage (north Sea) 2017-08-1752475610R. Daane77 4.37M
GBR 6400TSolent 2017-08-023747348Stan L (BE)69Cowes week5.19M
Seven SwansLeaving Plymouth Heading West  2017-07-2445135171Josie50 3.57M
 Leaving Plymouth Heading West  2017-07-265480653Josie65 4.02M
 Leaving Plymouth Heading West  2017-07-2615752653Josie46 4.14M
 Leaving Plymouth Heading West  2017-07-2670955419Josie53 4.59M
BolehPortsmouth Entrance 2017-07-1090329525Al36 535k
International 8 square metre K26Off Cowes 2017-07-109078813Al55 387k
International 8 square metre K26Off Cowes 2017-07-1017628452Al70 387k
International 8 square metre E-17Off Cowes 2017-07-1053523470Al58 735k
Halberg Rassy 42 with DolphinNewtown River 2017-07-0198532744Al47 2.36M
Halberg Rassy 42 with DolphinNewtown River 2017-07-0177136630Al43 1.92M
 Crouch 2017-06-2089263746Daryl40 3.27M
 Crouch 2017-06-2027335839Daryl44 3.24M
 Crouch 2017-06-2022770834Daryl30 3.2M
 Crouch 2017-06-2026460504Daryl26 3.17M
 Crouch 2017-06-2015026939Daryl35 3.06M
 Crouch 2017-06-2085388687Daryl27 3.21M
Blue DolphinCrouch 2017-06-1825054979Daryl29 3.29M
3845LBigbury Bay, Devon 2017-06-0181962797John O33 2.6M
Wayfarer 4943Itchenor Reach 3.07M
Star of Killarney 3.85M
Hero 5992TItchenor Reach 3.22M
SeabirdChichester Harbour 3.49M
Veronique (Itchenor SC)Chi 3.25M
Veronique (Itchenor SC) 3.47M
Snoek (Westerley)Chi 3.34M
Anderson 22/106River Orwell 2017-04-3029843422Jolie Brise40 1.26M
63012Boat Yard Portsmouth 2017-01-0129712619harpman21 420k
ShakerRiver Stour 2016-12-2954994985Melissa39 518k
Atalanta A89 ColchideRiver Stour 2016-11-0370406690Melissa23 688k
Atalanta A89 ColchideRiver Stour 2016-11-0342218996Melissa23 3.1M
Atalanta A89 ColchideRiver Stour 2016-11-0369169258Melissa22 3.49M
Sadler 29 MelissaRiver Orwell 2016-11-0341619967Melissa26 2.88M
Sadler 29 MelissaRiver Stour 2016-11-0372275755Melissa26 5.25M
Sadler 29 MelissaRiver Stour 2016-11-0364019432Melissa24 3M
Sadler 29 MelissaRiver Stour 2016-11-035024971Melissa35 3.53M
Alaskan DawnEast Of Chalkdock Point 4.33M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.59M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.81M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.55M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.72M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.91M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.7M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.42M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.49M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.53M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.39M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.48M
Dufour 36 CapellaOff Felixstowe 2016-10-2724666110Melissa20 2.56M
HabetyRiver Orwell 2016-09-2469997084 31 315k
Jolie BriseErwarton Ness12016-09-2421282622Sniper47 269k
HabebtyRiver Orwell 2016-09-2547561229Jolie Brise51 2.49M
Esther MayRiver Orwell 2016-09-2564820707Jolie Brise28 2.5M
Esther MayRiver Orwell 2016-09-2540022916Jolie Brise30 2.08M
Esther MayRiver Orwell 2016-09-2518744516Jolie Brise26 2.55M
GBR 223River Orwell 2016-09-2522307367Jolie Brise37 2.28M
GBR 223River Orwell 2016-09-2545441063Jolie Brise40 2.13M
GBR 223River Orwell 2016-09-2533502946Jolie Brise42 2.65M
GBR 223River Orwell 2016-09-2531084571Jolie Brise34 2.51M
GBR 223River Orwell 2016-09-2573301986Jolie Brise43 2.57M
Time Out 2River Orwell 2016-09-2538784976Jolie Brise34 2.25M
Time Out 2River Orwell 2016-09-2589662113Jolie Brise35 2.44M
Time Out 2River Orwell 2016-09-2556831576Jolie Brise22 2.56M
Time Out 2River Orwell 2016-09-2579737313Jolie Brise30 2.18M
Time Out 2River Orwell 2016-09-2539164940Jolie Brise25 2.23M
Time Out 2River Orwell 2016-09-2580015562Jolie Brise21 2.2M
 River Orwell 2016-09-2541422946Jolie Brise27 2.36M
Co 32River Orwell 2016-09-2518551466Jolie Brise23 2.39M
Co 32River Orwell 2016-09-2592098064Jolie Brise21 2.36M
Sadler 533YRiver Orwell 2016-09-2531452769Jolie Brise22 2.4M
Sadler 533YRiver Orwell 2016-09-2530083616Jolie Brise24 2.32M
Sniper River Orwell 2016-09-256568455Jolie Brise26 2.59M
Sniper River Orwell 2016-09-2554437115Jolie Brise22 2.46M
Sniper River Orwell 2016-09-2564456976Jolie Brise24 2.35M
Sniper River Orwell 2016-09-2530345418Jolie Brise29 2.48M
Sniper River Orwell 2016-09-2522525844Jolie Brise18 2.46M
Sniper River Orwell 2016-09-2590284275Jolie Brise18 2.35M
Sniper River Orwell 2016-09-2565672926Jolie Brise18 2.29M
 Bigbury Bay 2016-09-2185552281JohnO17 397k
Halberg Rassy 42 Sail No 167Off Mews Stone, Nr Plymouth 2016-09-2148037526JohnO26 1.56M
Halberg Rassy 42 Sail No 167Nr Plymouth 2016-09-2185945811JohnO25 1M
Briar RoseOn the Ray Sand 2015-08-2846352846TG18 760k
"Faraway"Key West, Florida 2016-09-0798505160RockNRowBoat21 171k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2895159629Jonny24 264k
 River Orwell 2016-08-281671047Jonny18 145k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2889004073Jonny18 235k
CzechmateRiver Orwell 2016-08-2868695337Jonny16 218k
Silver FoxRiver Orwell 2016-08-2894756643Jonny20 215k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2863295107Jonny17 285k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2874462133Jonny17 315k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2851830805Jonny16 113k
TroikaRiver Orwell 2016-08-2840576151Jonny16 132k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2827806738Jonny17 249k
IreneRiver Orwell 2016-08-2888327745Jonny18 318k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2879285990Jonny16 344k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2832810440Jonny15 175k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2864276492Jonny17 252k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2823910492Jonny16 126k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2852208510Jonny18 190k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2855245591Jonny16 140k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2844568450Jonny16 125k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2897007952Jonny17 108k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2868218832Jonny16 142k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2811822215Jonny24 235k
K8489YRiver Orwell 2016-08-2815642583Jonny24 113k
Tigo IVRiver Orwell 2016-08-2879128853Jonny17 181k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2827173010Jonny17 98k
Red ShankRiver Orwell 2016-08-2838470106Jonny20 299k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2865374698Jonny19 248k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2869276683Jonny16 209k
Strata 2River Orwell 2016-08-2825879494Jonny15 114k
 River Orwell 2016-08-285813337Jonny15 116k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2861248019Jonny20 149k
DuraRiver Orwell 2016-08-28197383Jonny14 117k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2833594150Jonny19 140k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2847376356Jonny15 113k
Silver FoxRiver Orwell 2016-08-2838401852Jonny15 116k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2841478220Jonny15 134k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2879188856Jonny15 137k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2876829556Jonny15 106k
 River Orwell 2016-08-282738938Jonny14 178k
SeaWindRiver Orwell 2016-08-28424197Jonny15 130k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2863848886Jonny15 141k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2888148856Jonny15 182k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2813052620Jonny15 290k
 River Orwell 2016-08-2848327051Jonny15 328k
GrafinRiver Orwell 2016-08-2862464630 14 269k
KateHarwich Harbour 2016-08-2976129054Marmalade28 4.2M
Horizon 7792T MYCChi Harbour Entrance 4.26M
Certes IIChi Harbourentrance 4.58M
OlivaR Crouch 2016-08-0665588845traigh24 3.25M
OlivaR Crouch 2016-08-068071835traigh26 3.37M
OlivaR Crouch 2016-08-061014212traigh25Oliva 50th3.62M
JemimaRiver Orwell 2016-08-0612706794Jolie Brise51 3.1M
JemimaRiver Orwell 2016-08-0626695112Jolie Brise22 4.22M
DuessaRiver Orwell 2016-08-0640902656Jolie Brise28 1.46M
DuessaRiver Orwell 2016-08-0642511499Jolie Brise30 4.24M
DuessaRiver Orwell 2016-08-0643068236Jolie Brise34 4.13M
DuessaRiver Orwell 2016-08-0648962942Jolie Brise33 4.03M
DuessaRiver Orwell 2016-08-0680647868Jolie Brise21 2.47M
DuessaRiver Orwell 2016-08-0693484565Jolie Brise24 2.33M
WitchesOff Felixstowe 2016-07-2939756886 58 2.56M
Aries 71Off Felixstowe12016-07-2943140563 76 2.55M
Olympia JaneRiver Stour 2016-07-2494526978Jonny21 662k
White PearlRiver Stour 2016-07-2486751665Jonny20 161k
WINDYLarnaca 2016-07-125412976 31 4.11M
Dutch gaffersRiver Deben 2016-06-1729727154Traigh23 2.96M
Dutch gaffer AK15The Rocks R Deben 2016-06-1782571829Traigh22 2.96M
Dutch gaffer WT30The Rocks, River Deben 2016-06-177232529Traigh28 2.88M
TranscurRiver Orwell 2016-07-0384195430Jolie Brise41 1.28M
wilmaYarmouith, West Solent 2016-06-1871784283SimonP8538 2.14M
Sadler 32 Mistress QuicklyHarwich 2016-06-0599763600Melissa40 2.66M
Sadler 32 Mistress QuicklyHarwich 2016-06-052013216Melissa25 2.73M
 River Orwell 2016-06-0570355887Jolie Brise36 1.84M
 River Orwell 2016-06-0589788416Jolie Brise27 1.56M
 River Orwell 2016-06-0537880302Jolie Brise18 1.75M
Pintail Sail No 687Solent 2016-05-2491447388JohnO22 613k
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